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About The Process

What is the Wilton Center Area Master Plan?


Wilton’s 2019 Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) identified the need to conduct a master planning process for Wilton Center and the adjacent area to the east up to Danbury Road/Route 7. Together these two areas create the Wilton Center Area. The plan recommended a comprehensive study to strengthen the Wilton Center Area as an attractive, vibrant, and walkable commercial core for residents and visitors alike. The Master Plan will be structured around a community-established vision, goals, and recommendations to guide the continued future success of the Wilton Center Area. This document will provide elected officials and decision-makers with a reference guide when making decisions related to land use, zoning, and capital investment in the Wilton Center Area.

The Town of Wilton is now embarking on the process to create the master plan for the Wilton Center Area. The Master Plan will serve as a roadmap to guide planning for the future while considering current issues, changes, and trends that the community is undergoing. This Master Plan will build heavily upon the 2019 POCD, especially taking a careful look into the extensive public feedback related to the Wilton Center Area. As part of this process, the Wilton community will play an essential role in identifying the key priorities, concerns, and opportunities the Master Plan should address. There will be various ways that the community could get involved throughout the entire process.

Where is the Wilton Center Area located?

The Wilton Center Area (Study Area) is comprised of the Town's central downtown core, Wilton Center, starting at the intersection of Ridgefield Road (Route 33) and Old Ridgefield Road stretching south to Wolfpit Road. In addition, the Study Area continues east to encompass the properties fronting along Danbury Road (Route 7) from Pimpewaug Road to Wolfpit Road. A map of the study area boundary can be found in the Documents and Resources tab of this website.


The Town selected BFJ Planning, a planning consultant firm based in New York City, to assist with developing the Wilton Center Area Master Plan. The planning process will span over 10-months, with various community engagement opportunities occurring throughout the entire process. The process will take place in eight phases, including an evaluation of previous documentation and plans, analysis and fieldwork of the study area, preliminary concepts and recommendations, and the revised and final Master Plan report. The Planning Consultant Team will meet periodically with the Master Plan Subcommittee, conduct stakeholder interviews and focus group meetings, and host two public workshops.

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